With Google searches and Youtube videos at our fingertips, we have the option to learn the “How to’s” for most any home repair, mechanical fix it or DIY project. As any homeowner knows there is ongoing work to keep up any home. Most homeowners handle their own lawn care, cleaning, painting, and general repairs, but should they tackle a full bathroom remodel?

If you like or have a knack for construction work, have tools at the ready, and don’t mind giving up some free time then by all means we support your ambition and understand the personal satisfaction that comes with accomplishing a large project. There is money to be saved.

However, there are also the nightmare stories that come with those decisions. Home Perfect, Inc. once had a customer who wanted some crown molding painted in her main room. Our quote for this “extra painting” was $50.00. She said for that price she could do it herself. Unfortunately, she didn’t figure the height of the ceiling required a tall ladder, and when she chose to do it herself her lack of experience ended in a fall, a trip to ER, major medical expenses and 6 months of healing. It was an unpredictable and misfortunate accident, but it reminds us that many of us aren’t skilled and we should leave that work to the professional carpenter.

When Home Perfect, Inc. is on the job we have the talent, experience, equipment, and knowledge to ensure the project is completed correctly. Our crew has spent the time perfecting their craft. From hanging drywall to setting tile the professional knows only the right way to do the job.

Fortunately, our company offers homeowners the opportunity to save money by selecting and purchasing their own materials. We can put you in touch with many local manufacturers/ designers to assist with those purchases but allows you the freedom to shop around for products that suit your budget.

Most importantly, when you choose a contractor you have to trust that you will get the quality service you expect at a price you are comfortable paying. If you are looking a remodeling contractor in St. Charles, Missouri visit our website at https://homeperfectremodeling.com. We specialize in kitchens and bathrooms.